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Wednesday, 2021.01.27
Sorry for not giving my news lately, I had a lot of exams at school but now I am on vacation and I could devote more time to the site.
I have a new PC, so for now I have not yet installed MM2
I will add new downloads without preview images for the moment.
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Hi all
Sorry for my long absence on this site, I do my best to add new content.
Since 25.04.12 I have added +20 new add-ons.

Other models will arrive later ;).

Click here to download the latest files : http://mm2-database.ucoz.com/load
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Sorry for my inactivity but I don't have much time to update the site, new content arrive later. You can always check the other sites in the meantime.
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After a year of inactivity, I am back with a new web site : mm2-database.ucoz.com replace MM2 Freestyle and MM2 Database on Webnode, and mm2 database is under construction for the instant (i have to add mods, organize the forum, etc.).
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Welcome in the MM2 Database. You found here all types of add-ons for MM2 : mods, tracks, vehicles (cars, buses, misc, bikes, trucks, etc.), tools, and more.

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