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Thursday, 2018.11.15
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For stop the clock, press A, then F2 again F2.
Cheat codes | Views: 723 | Date: 2010.08.31 | Comments (3)

MM2 USA, CA, UK only
Press on Key : Y and type the code :

showme cops: Display all police units on the map
big bus party: All other vehicles are buses
tiny car: All other vehicles are compact cars
jet planes: All other vehicles are airplanes
warp eleven: All other vehicles move much faster
amizdA eoJ: All traffic vehicles drive around in reverse
Cheat codes | Views: 1765 | Date: 2010.08.31 | Comments (4)

All MM2
Get Panoz GTR-1:
In the London checkpoint races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

New Car Textures:
Pick the Volkswagen Beetle Rsi and press [Up] on the color list while on the top color to see the MS Race texture.

Free Song:
Put the Midtown Madness 2 CD into ANY CD player and select the only song, song number 2. The song does not work on the game's CD player.

Hidden Squirrels:
Smash into any small tree and watch the debris closely. You will see a squirrel. This works best at a slow speed.

Different Mini Cooper:
In the London Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

American Lafrance Fire Truck:
In the 5 San Francisco Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Get Aston Martin DB7 Vantage:
Go to the the London Crash Course and get first place.

Alternate Beetle Dune:
In the 5 San Francisco Circuit races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Audi TT:
In the 6 San Francisco Checkpoit races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Alternate Beetle Rsi:
Go to the San Francisco Crash Course and get first place.

Timers Stopped:
While doing any race that is timed you can stop the time by: pressing F2 and then Q and then Q again. The time will be paused until you press F2 again. NOTE: There will be no arrow pointing to the next checkpoint. Do this at the beginning of the Blitz race or Checkpoint Race or whatever.

Get to top of Sky Scraper:
In San Francisco on Cruise, if you take your first left when you cone to a T junction then drive on, there is a building which you can go in. Go in it and go up a ramp and out onto the White roof. Turn around so you are facing the door you just exited. You need a lot of speed but if you ram into one of the bottom corners of the door, then you will start to go up the slanted side of the building. I advise you use an Audi TT to do this or else you won't make it up the sloped roof. This works if you get it at the right point!

The Teetering Trolley (glitch):
Choose San Francisco as you level. Then pick the dark green Ford F-350 (pickup truck).
then while in the race (or cruise, whatever) drive down one of the big hills and hit the trolley thingy head on (fast). it will levitate in mid air and appear to be teetering!

Light tactical vehicle:
Beat the San Francisco stunt driver course

Getting ride of cops:
All you have to do is get alot of cops behind you in San Francisco go to the Golden Gate Bridge you have to have a big truck(humvee,bus,firetruck,ect...),then go to any were on the bridge.Get one cope against the bridge and floor it and the cop will fall. It may take along time but it is worth it.

Big Wide World:
To get out side San Fran, select the Cruise mode and pick your car as God Killer or BMW M3 2000, go to the dock end of the high way. Go as fast as you can up the highway. Just before you get to the turn offs, turn left slightly. You should fly over the wall and out side the city. BEWARE, the walls of the city are invisible on the outside, so go slowly!

Get on top of sky scraper!!:
Go to San Francisco. (on cruise) Then on the map near 2 docks next to each other there are 3 red rectangles right next to each other, go to the one on the right (flat side of rectangle down) or go around all three and look for a entrance. Then when your in the room there is a ramp, go up it. Then turn around and you'll see a STEEP hill going up. Go in reverse to get speed then speed up (forward) and go to the left or right of the entrance you came up. Then after you get up your on the top and the statue in the middle you can go through. Have Fun!!!!!

Ride on a trolley:
Select cruise mode, select San Francisco, and use the Freightliner Century semi. Find a trolley then ram into it at least 50mph and you'll be riding on a trolley.

Push cars off the Golden Gate Bridge:
Select Cruise Mode, then select San Francisco, then select the Freightliner Century Class semi or the American LaFrance Fire Truck. Go to the Golden Gate Bridge, then push a car near the fence, then it will fall off.

Easier Way To Get To Top Of Skyscraper:
Do what "how to get to top of skyscraper" says but swich to manual before you gun it in the audi TT but when you get to the slope on the side of the skyscraper swich to 1st gear as fact as you can I guarantee you will make it if you have a lot of speed.

Lose your trailer off of the fire truck:
Select Cruise, select any city, and select the American LaFrance Fire Truck. Ram into a building really hard and your trailer will come off.

Secret Island:
Firstly, you arrange the mode at the beginning
"without pedestrian density, without traffic density and without cop density. "You choose Panoz GTR-1 as your vehicle. Then you go to the San Francisco's track.Your speed must be 250 mp/h preasely when you pass through the red bridge of San Francisco. The place of the car there must be between the white line in the left and the pavement in the right.When you reach the end of the bridge you automatically bump off and you end on the "Marin."
Cheat codes | Views: 934 | Date: 2010.08.30 | Comments (0)