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Thursday, 2018.11.15
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Blitz mode, is a time-trial style Game Mode on Midtown Madness 2. The goal of all Blitz events is to pass through every checkpoint (in any order), before time runs out.
The are 20 events in total, with 10 in each city. 
Completing 5 Blitz events in London will earn you the New Mini Cooper, while in San Francisco it would earn you an American LaFranceFire Truck. 
Completing all 10 races in each city will earn you the 'Gumdrop' paint job for the Mini and 'Green' paint for the Fire Truck, in each city respectively.

Source : Midtown Madness 2 wikia

London Reward, New Mini Cooper              San Francisco Reward, American LaFrance Fire Truck


- Ignorance is Blitz
- Hold On Tight
- Wrong Way!
- Golden Race
- Presidio Push
Amazing Grace
- Lombard Lunacy
- Embarca-dare-o
- Telegraph Turnaround
- Coit Nightmare

- London's Calling
- Embank On It 
Tower Tour
- Hyde And Go Seek
- Going Underground
- Battle Of Trafalgar
- Crosstown Sprint
- Alley Cats
- Midnight Mash
- Five-Ring Circus
Blitz | Views: 1162 | Date: 2012.05.03 | Comments (2)

Cruise mode allows to ride freely on the open roads of London and San Francisco.
You can having fun doing stunts, run like traffic cars, facing the police, test your latest vehicles and many other things.
Multiple settings are possible in this mode, you can change the density of : pedestrians, traffic and police.
You can also change the climatic conditions like for other modes.
Cruise | Views: 702 | Date: 2012.04.28 | Comments (2)